Case/Event-based Surveillance


Philippine Integrated Diseases Surveillance & Response 
Weekly Report
Event-based Surveillance & Response 
Weekly Report
Vaccine-Preventable Diseases &
Adverse Event Following Immunization
Monthly Report
STI/HIV-AIDS Surveillance 
Monthly Report

Service-based Surveillance


Vital Indices
Morbidity & Mortality Data
Annual Report
Health Program Accomplishments
Field Health Services Data
Quarterly Report
Other Health Data
Population, Regional & Local Profiles, Etc.
Annual Report

DISCLAIMER:  Surveillance and Field Health Services Online Data are dynamic data intended for monitoring occurrences & trends of notifiable diseases and program accomplishments.  While every effort has been made to provide the most updated and accurate data, errors can still occur.  Readers/users of data found on this website are pre-warned to verify and/or double check these data from other sources.  CRE@TE onLINE shall not be held responsible for errors, nor liable for damage(s) resulting from the use or reliance upon this material.